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Re: tech events around Philadelphia

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  • Subject: Re: tech events around Philadelphia
  • Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2010 18:39:11 +0300
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On Sun, Jul 4, 2010 at 3:26 PM, Chris Nehren <> wrote:
> On Sun, 4 Jul 2010 11:37:29 +0300
> Gabor Szabo <> wrote:
>> Do you maybe know if there are any Perl Mongers in Harrisburg?
>> seems to be quite deserted.
> Please note that as this is that I speak for Philadelphia and
> not Harrisburg. Considering the distance, I don't think you're going to
> get anyone involved in on this list. Please consider
> these sorts of things in the future when you send mail to pm lists.

Sorry if this was inappropriate to send it here.
I looked at but it is so broken that I have not
even noticed a mailing list there. The whole things seem to be deserted.
I'll contact the leader of to check if they are still around.

> Our Perl Mongers group is kind of dead. We're trying to fix that,
> albeit indirectly (see below). Personally I wonder how many people in
> the region do Perl as the main part of their job, full time, instead of
> as a means to achieve some other end or as a hobby. I get the
> impression that I'm the only one doing Perl full time, and I've
> learned that it's hard for full-time professionals to relate to
> hobbyists. I'd love to be proven wrong.

I don't know but I hope with some activity we can get things moving.
We just have to find the people who have the time and energy to
organize the meetings and give talks.

>> Do you maybe know about other events that are not in the list yet?
>> I'd be happy to add them to the list and then see if there is going
>> to be any Perl related presence on those events.
> There's that erikh and I are trying to start.
> We've not yet had our first meeting yet, but we'll tell you how it
> goes. The idea is to cast a wide net of tech people in the Philadelphia
> metro region and then filter those interested in Perl back to the PM
> group for regular tech meetings. Or, well, that's one of the ideas. My
> real goal is to take over the world.
> As Harrisburg is about halfway across the state and I don't drive, I
> can't really help there. You'd likely get a better response by emailing
> their list.

> Post-send clarity yields that you were really talking about
> conferences, not single-day meetups. You should look at the Pittsburgh
> Perl Workshop, too. And there's lots of stuff if you Google
> "$major_city_name conference OR event" where @major_cities is
> qw/philadelphia pittsburgh/. I don't really think there's much tech
> happening in Harrisburg--or at least I've never heard of anything,
> whereas I do hear of lots of stuff in Pittsburgh. Again, I'd love to be
> proven wrong.

I'll take your advice and search for such events and try to correlate them
with the locations of the PM groups BUT
Once I locate such tech events in your neighborhood (Philadelphia in your case)
then I'd really like to see you get organized with a couple of the other local
Perl hackers and go to these events giving talks about Perl and setting up booth
to talk to people about Perl and about your user group.


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