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Re: [Philadelphia-pm] Meeting planning

Newbie sort of point of view. 

I'd like to get an idea where Perl's headed - The last time I was heads down
working in Perl, Parrot was new. While I could probably look it up myself I
think it would be interesting to see where the language is headed as far as
support and adoption. I've recently hat to work in Python and Java. They
both have strengths and weaknesses, so I'm thinking where is it that
(besides everywhere) Perl solves problems the best when compared to Java and
Python or Ruby and so forth. 

Some background - I first learned Perl by writing programs to manipulate a
robotic tape handler because it was mangling the backups. My second major
project was a multinational tiered monitoring-aggregation-correlation engine
with *intelligent* notification features (27K lines of code) 

-- Ken

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First, thank you to everyone who came out tonight! Glad to see there seems
to be a steady interest in Perl in Philadelphia, something I'd like to see
expand. To that end, I think more structured meetings might garner us that
interest. We didn't get any planning done today because I talked for a while
about cool new stuff for doing work with Perl. I'd like to do some
brainstorming for things people would like to see/talk about in future--and
give some other people a chance to talk. :) I recall a comment about the
state of testing tools, which is definitely something I'd like to see. Do we
have any other ideas?

Thanks and best regards,
Chris Nehren

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