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Re: [Philadelphia-pm] Meeting planning

On Apr 5, 2011, at 00:47 , Ken Fox wrote:

> Newbie sort of point of view. 
> I'd like to get an idea where Perl's headed - The last time I was heads down
> working in Perl, Parrot was new. While I could probably look it up myself I
> think it would be interesting to see where the language is headed as far as
> support and adoption. I've recently hat to work in Python and Java. They
> both have strengths and weaknesses, so I'm thinking where is it that
> (besides everywhere) Perl solves problems the best when compared to Java and
> Python or Ruby and so forth. 
> Some background - I first learned Perl by writing programs to manipulate a
> robotic tape handler because it was mangling the backups. My second major
> project was a multinational tiered monitoring-aggregation-correlation engine
> with *intelligent* notification features (27K lines of code) 

Given that this is the only request I got, this looks like what we'll be talking about (also, considering I had the idea to give the same talk at FOSSCON* a couple months ago, it fits in well...). I can cover everything, but if anyone is able to pick up a part of the list of cool new toys we have these days, I'd be glad to have a rest from talking every meeting. ;)

Thanks and best regards,
Chris Nehren

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