Scott Fraser on Mon, 1 Dec 1997 12:03:02 -0500 (EST)

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Re: [PLUG] Untitled

>>KDE Beta2

I been running Beta 1 as my main desktop for weeks now.  I like it lots
- cept it seems to memory leak over the long run, so a shutdown of X
every week or so is necessary.  There are also various annoying minor
bugs.  I haven't installed Beta 2 yet cause I want to build it from
source this time and see what the code looks like.  All in all, I am
very excited about KDE.  (also check out Gnome at:

Right now my desktop is on a 21" NEC, with xearth in the background, and
kswarm as my screensaver.  Usually have the kmixer and kscd up playing
tunes, netscape open, xemacs running.  Plus now I got Oracle 7.3 running
via iBCS, so I might have a sql*plus sessions going, which looks very
familiar to database/programmer types.  I show windows users this setup
and they say WOW!  What's THAT!  Then I tell them the box is dual Ppro
SMP, never crashes (well, except when Oracle chews up all my swap),
etc...  and they're totally blown away.

I agree - this is indeed the kind of thing that will make click.droll
users jump ship.  Viva Linux!!!

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