Michael W. Ryan on Mon, 1 Dec 1997 12:30:41 -0500 (EST)

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David E. Edwards writes:
 > I'm still a relative newcomer to Linux (Jan '97), but I can see that day when 
 > I will be Microsoft free coming very soon.

Always an admirable goal.  Unfortunately, I'm saddled with Win95. :(
I'm too much of a game addict.

 > This weekend, I downloaded (with a miserably slow ftp connection) the KDE 
 > RPM's (there are tarballs and '.deb' files available also) and seamlessly 
 > installed KDE Beta2 onto my Caldera Openlinux Lite vs 1.1 system.
 > NOw, I'm not a Win95 fan - I prefer OS/2 and Mac, and only use windowing 
 > systems because I have to.  KDE just might change my mind.  It is, IMHO, the 
 >  one FREE package that could take Linux to the average home - it is a REAL 
 > nice desktop -- and definitely worth a look-see.

I've heard some good things about it, also.  One thing that has made
me leary of it, though, is the integration of the web browser.  I
didn't like this idea when it first came up in Win98, and I'm still
not too keen on it.  There are also a couple other design decisions
that have made me hold off on trying it out, but these are more
personal preferences than my considering it "bad design".

 > Briefly - it incorporates the useful functions of Win95; OS/2 and MAC.  I've 
 > read that it looks a little like CDE; and there are some very nice tools with 

It was originally inspired by CDE.

 > it.  (The CD audioplayer IMO was the cleanest I've heard - but I'm sure there 
 > are better one's out there).
 > (AND the only one that gives me - A Leftie - true alternative mouse settings)
 > Find info. at WWW.KDE.ORG
 > Just one mans opinion.

Personally, I think the KDE is a good thing.  I also think that
related projects, like Gnome, are also good.  I also think that the
Gtk vs. Qt debate has been overdone a bit (I can see the arguments on
both sides, I just think they've gone overboard).  Besides giving a
clean, consistent interface to the desktop, I think there are
performance gains to be had from everything using the same sets of
libraries, i.e. the graphical toolkit.

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