Michael W. Ryan on Mon, 1 Dec 1997 12:52:53 -0500 (EST)

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[PLUG] More info about PLUG?

Caveat:  this isn't an official response, just my own opinion as a

Joseph Kotran writes:
 > Hello,


 > 	I saw your advertisement on comp.os.linux.announce.  I have also
 > visited plug.nothinbut.net.  I was wondering if someone could provide me
 > with a little bit of background info about PLUG.  What type of crowd is
 > it?

We're a group of Linux enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds.  We
have people ranging from people working in the computer and networking 
fields to people in the science fields (I'm a chemist, myself) to
people outside the scientific/technical fields.

 > Is the group formal/informal?

I think we've always been somewhat informal.  We usually do plan a
month or so in advance as to what our topics will be.  There is no
formal meeting organization.

 > Are there any dues?


 > How many people
 > are active members?  (i.e., How many show up at the get togethers?)

I've seen anywhere from 8 to about 18 or so people at any meeting.
Last month, when the topic was Linux evangelism in the corporate
environment, we had a huge turn-out.  I'd say our regulars number
around a dozen or so people.

After the meeting, you typically adjourn to a local restaurant to
socialize and discuss whatever comes to mind.  That group is usually a 
fairly consistent group of 8 or so people.

 > Any
 > constructive comments are appreciated.

The group is very open, and we try not to cater to any one type of
user.  We have a good range of people from "gurus" to newbies.  I
would suggest coming to the meeting and seeing what we're like.

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