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Re: enterprise calendar solution

Adam:  First you have to ask your boss, WHAT he expects to
accomplish with the migration.  Is it migration for the sake
of migration or are there certain NEED to have functions
that exchange provides that ccmail does not?  Next, you have
to evaluate ALL of the costs involved in the migration,
including any training costs that exsist, upgrading of the
mail server (exchange is a PIG), etc.  Is it possible to
change the way you use your current app, that will give you
the same functionallity without spending the money?  

We recently installed Exchange in our office and I can tell
you from my experiences that it is an out and out piece of
crap.  I really wanted to install the Lotus Notes/Domino
products, but the "budget" did not allow for the costs (And
beleive me, we are paying for it now)  Furthermore, if you
are using NT, there is also special considerations with
regard to the backup of the exchange server (as well as some
of the other enterprise mail servers). 

That said, what O/S are you using?

Adam wrote:
> hi everyone,
> i am desperately trying to stop my boss from migrating from
> ccmail -> exchange.
> I thought a viable solution was netscape suitespot servers,
> but I am having no end of problems with them.
> not to mention, they have started to charge for
> not for profit/edu (which we are) users.
> So, if anyone knows of a calendaring solution that
> i can look into I would really appreciate it.  That seems
> to be what the boss is most interested in.
> Thanks,
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> Adam
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