Chris Fearnley on Sun, 3 Oct 1999 12:11:03 -0400 (EDT)

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Re: [Plug] PLUG Meeting Subject-Suggestion!!

On Sun, Oct 03, 1999 at 09:57:15AM -0500, Morgan Wajda-Levie wrote:
> As for making the list closed, I personally don't care.  I do have a
> dial-up connection, but fetchmail downloaded all those disgruntled
> postmaster messages in the background; I saw nothing.  Does anybody
> actually know any non-subscribers who have posted to the list?  How
> would they feel if you made the list a closed list?

If postmaster loops and spam can be solved, then an open list is
nicer.  I feel that mailman is real good with keeping spam off the
list.  But once in a while it goes berserk.  I suggest working to
improve mailman.

I sometimes post to plug from an account which is not subscribed to the

BTW, (given the fortuitous subject) I thought I'd start the rumor that
the topic for the next PLUG meeting is Zope and there will be a
presenter.  Details to follow (hopefully before Wednesday!).

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