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Re: [Plug] network kits

"Daniel K. Spicer" wrote:

> I'm trying to network 2 linux boxes, and I currently don't have any of
> the hardware.
> I've seen network kits for under $100.
> Has anyone used any of these kits ??
> Care to make a recommendation ?
>  -Dan
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To make reaading the following reply mayhap unnecesary, No, I can't
recommend, and have never used...but..read on.

IMNSHO, regardless of whether or not the lack of humility is deserved, go
to a computer show.  Pick up 2 NICs, ISA is fine if you're going
low-end/cost efficient.  If you recognize the name, then you're probably
ok.and not buying total crap.  I figure about 20-30 bucks per, next pick
up 2 patch cables, about 3 bucks apiece.  use your own brain on this.  if
your computers are 20 feet apart, don't get 6 footers.. no insult
intended, but I've been there..the joke's on me..
Now for the biggie...
the hub.  a 4 port should do nicely, unless ou have cash to spare.  a 4
port at a computer show (I think) should be about another 40 bucks, if
you shop around.  Again, if you recognize ther name, you're probably OK.

tangent -on
Oh, for those lucky enough to have access, I have been running a Star
LAN hub from AT&T fro about 6 months on a network where 2 systems and the
hub are all y2k, and the third system is 1999.  All is well.  I expect
there are going to be many of these floating arouund.  AT&T is not
certifying them y2k compliant, but they work just fine..
tangent -off

so you're about 100 bucks to the wind, and have had an excuse to meander
around a computer show all day, and now have some experience doinking
with hardware.  Personally, I can't think of a better way to spend a
blustery fall sunday afternoon without being horizontal, or on a mountain
somewhere, with the world spread before you, and the cries of eagles in
your ears.  Hmm..haven't been to the mountains in some time..<shudder>

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