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FW: [Plug] what do people want out of plug talks

> People who are totally unfamiliar with the subject:
> I think these people want "look this is easy, this is all you have to do,
> and this is why you want to do it".
That would be me. :)

> People who have some familiarity with the subject:
> For these people, I think the goal should be to get them to realize
> something new that they were unaware of, and make them want to try it.
> So basically, I think you want to get people interested in the subject
> enough that they will then go read the fucking manual themselves, and
> start learning on their own (or learn more about new aspects of the
> subject on their own).
Absolutely, and I think the talks accomplish this, in my short (5-6 months)
experience with them.

> So.. what do you guys think ?
I think the talks are outstanding, and the Q & A very helpful. I hope to be
smart enough to give my own talk someday :)

As for the F*** YOU: I think Mr. Joseph Catania should not post to this list
again, and should not attend meetings. This vitriol appears to be his only
post; it is unwelcome, unhelpful, and insulting to a very good group of
professional people. I am the lowlyest of novices, and even I know what RTFM
means. If one takes issue with the jargon, there is a proper way to express
this. If you can't do that, then get out of the kitchen already. A technical
help group is not the place for flames.


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