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RE: [Plug] thoughts on relocating

'ere 'ere... I can't make wednesday nights ever, and would welcome a
different day... preferably at Netaxs ;-)

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What would be good, is if the meetings alternated, such as not just one a
wednesday, I can not attend cause I work wednesday nights, if it was moved
to another night, you may have newer faces show.  Sometimes it is just the
day.  But it is a good idea, maybee another week and another weekday (or


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On Mon, 20 Dec 1999, Darxus wrote:

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:Subject: [Plug] thoughts on relocating
:I am extreemly willing to continue hosting PLUG & PADS meetings at IQ
:Group, and I forsee no problems with anyone objecting to me doing so.  But
:I'm a little concerned about growth issues.
:I see a few options.
:1) Have more meetings.  I figure if we were to meet, say, 3 times a month
:for PLUG (with more specialized meetings), and one for PADS (Debian),
:fewer people would come to each meeting, more people could come overall,
:and those of us who are obsessed enough to do so, could get 4 days per
:month of this stuff.  Yes, I just offered to host meetings 4 days per
:2) Find a bigger place.
:2.a)I just read completely through the thread where Avi Freedman offered
:the use of a 100 seat lecture hall, with ethernet to multiple T3s, plus
:soda and chips -- at Netaxs' facilities.  Of course, that was not in
:center city, and that bothered a lot of people.  But perhaps we could have
:a meeting at Netaxs, and a meeting at IQ, each month (on different
:2.b)The company I used to work for had a very large space and a lot of
:chairs that they use for 300+ person meetings.  I was going to look into
:using it, but then I left.  Adam ?
:2.c)My basement.  I'm looking into buying a house in northeast philly --
:20 minutes from center city on the R8.  It has a basement that I figure I
:could get more than 40 seats in.  I figure it's an unlikely alternative,
:but it was an interesting random thought.  But if I do get the place,
:you're all invited to regular lan parties :)
:I really need to get into the Philly Perl Mongers, largely because I'm
:interested, and largely to see how they do things, since they're obviously
:doing stuff right.
:Tomorrow I will talk to the person who arranges things about how many
:people we can fit for presentations at IQ.  And how to set that up on a
:regular basis.  Then I figure we'll continue as we have been until we
:don't fit, or start doing another meeting per month, or something....
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