Trevor J Martin on Thu, 25 May 2000 10:45:16 -0400 (EDT)

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[PLUG] "Distro" advocates

    After running my home network's gateway on Slackware Linux for 2
years (4.0 then 7.0),
I ran into a FreeBSD advocate who convinced me to give FreeBSD a try. I
do admit that it is
a very good and stable OS and the ports collection is an awesome idea,
but I've had too many problems with
my box (i rebooted and my ethernet card no longer works, cant get sound
working ...) and have decided to go back to good ol' linux.
I know that my problems with BSD are most likely MY fault and that
something isn't configured right etc... but I don't have
time to learn FreeBSD right now because i'm at work all the time etc.. .

My question is : What would be the best distribution of linux to throw
on this box?
                        the purpose of this box is:
                       1) Samba Server:
                       2) NFS Server.
                       3) Inet Gateway/Firewall

I need something easy/quick to set up that will run fast and smooth on a
PII 300mhz with 64MB RAM.
I know that I'll probably get 10 different opinions , so please give me
a reason why i should use that particular distro.

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