jason and jill on Tue, 20 Jun 2000 14:44:49 -0400 (EDT)

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Re: [PLUG] debian binary disks

>     The question is--Cheapbytes and other places call the Debian disks
> binary disks.  What practical difference does it make if they are
> binary?  Re installation, for instance.  I am thinking of ordering
> them.  Thanks for any help.  Ken Diehl

I think you misundertand the term binary disks.  Binary simply means
complied and executed code.  The complete Debian package is the binaries
plus the source discs. The binaries are the normal installation discs,
the source discs contain the complete source code. Since many people
just want to install the system and will not modifying the source,
cheapbytes also sells the installation disks (the binary disks) by
themselves. Most other distros only distribute the installation disks,
and don't have separate source disks.  As such, you locked onto the
wrong term--all distro installation disks are binary discs, it's the
availability of source disks that is something different/unusual.

(Btw, don't waste your time with the stable Debian disks--stable Debian
is now an ancient distribution (March 1999).)


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