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Re: [PLUG] Help Needed with Xircom Modem/NIC & Linux

To Jerry, have you tried *manually* loading the module you think
should be loaded and seeing if your kernel then detects the NIC?

I have a Xircom (just NIC, no modem) that works quite well... though
I use my Wavelan card most of the time now. Point being, I assure
the NIC circuity works, even if your kernel will take some coaxing
to recognize it.

(Well, that should be tempered by the fact that, even at 100BaseT,
my card only puts about 500 Kbps through, but this is a well-known
problem in the NetBSD driver.)

If you're only interested in how to make a Xircom card work, you
probably won't want to read below here...

On Mon, Jan 01, 2001 at 11:05:06AM -0500, Beldon wrote:
> Your problem may be the Xircom card itself.
> Let me say at this point that I tend to be a staunch "one function per card" 
> believer.  That being said, we had these cards at my last job an couldn't get 
> them to work reliably at all, even under Windoze with the company supplied 
> drivers and all.


In general, I agree with your one function per tool theory, but this
is a bit over the line. The Xircom cards occupy two PCMCIA slots, so
expecting them to have two functions isn't all that ridiculous, now
is it?

Seriously, it's not that big a deal to fit the two entirely separate
chipsets into one of those Xircom cards, and I've seen them work
flawlessly under Windows and Linux both.

> My advice-- be happy with a working PCMCIA modem (it is PCMCIA, isn't it?) 
> and get a reliable, name-brand ethernet card.

If Xircom doesn't qualify, just what *would* a "name-brand" be?

Companies besides 3com are capable of making NICs, and have been for
quite a while now. (Though I guess I still wouldn't buy anything
that says BOCA on it...)

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