Michael Leone on Tue, 2 Jan 2001 15:57:46 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] CD Burning using MP3s as source

> I don't know of a GUI off hand, but it's really easy to do with
> mpg123.  You don't convert them to .wav, you just convert them to raw
> files.  Here's a quick shell script to convert a whole directory:
> for I in *.mp3
> do
>   mpg123 -s "$I" > "$I.cdr"
> done

Thanks. The problem I see with this approach is that I'd need to copy just
the MP3s I'd want converted this particular time into a folder; run the
script; and then remove the MP3s from that folder - to be replaced with a
different set of MP3s, every time I wanted to make a different audio CD. Not
that easy to pick and choose, especially when you've already got dozens (or
more) MP3s in a folder(s).

> It would be pretty easy to hack up a quick perl script to take the
> files from there, burn your cd, and then delete the raws.  I have one
> for cdrdao, but you probably don't want that.

Easy for you; not everyone is a programmer by trade. :-) Been a long while
since I had to do any programming.

Thanks for the tip about mpg123, tho. I'll look into it.

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