Kevin Falcone on Fri, 12 Jan 2001 12:37:20 -0500

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[PLUG] Re: sendmail "host not found" error

>>>>> "AB" == Alex Barylo <> writes:

  AB> --- Kevin Falcone <> wrote:

  >> If you want to send mail to a machine without a DNS
  >> entry, you have to
  >> send to user@[]

  AB> That's not the only way:
  AB> - add appropriate entry to /etc/hosts
  AB> - add to

How does this help me if:

I'm on and I want to send mail to 

I guess I have to redo sendmail on blue?  Sorry, I don't have root on
the UPenn servers.  Yours is useful if you want to be able to send
mail to kevinfal@red without sendmail doing a DNS lookup, just
trusting /etc/hosts to know that red is and the IP.
Mine is useful when you can't tweak the current machine's sendmail
config, and just want to make sure that the remote machine can accept

Also, real men edit by hand ;)


I treat the .cf file as a binary file. you should too. 
        --Eric Allman, author of sendmail, on

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