Jeff Abrahamson on Fri, 12 Jan 2001 16:27:17 -0500

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[PLUG] tunnels and names

Suppose I have

	me <------> remote_firewall <-------> remote_host

And suppose I have ssh access on all three machines.

Suppose further that remote_host is on a 192.168 net behind
remote_firewall. So I can't access it directly.

I'd like to set up something so that on my machine ("me"), or at least
on my local subnet, I can invent a fake name (,
assume I am running bind and have root access) so that trying to bind
to port X on forwards over an encrypted
connection (e.g., ssh) to that numbered port on remote_host.

Any thoughts on how to do such a thing?

I can forward individual ports via ssh -L, but that's very
different. I want to generate a phantom machine.

BTW, thanks to those who pointed me to rsync. It looks like rsync -e
ssh will provide me with an excellent solution.


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