Eric Cunningham on Sat, 13 Jan 2001 08:37:22 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] Re: sendmail "host not found" error

> >   >> If you want to send mail to a machine without a DNS
> >   >> entry, you have to
> >   >> send to user@[]

great, thanks Kevin.  That's what I needed.  I hope that wasn't supposed
to be intuitive or I'm in for a long ugly career in this stuff.

> > Mine is useful when you can't tweak the current machine's sendmail
> > config, and just want to make sure that the remote machine can accept
> > mail.

That was exactly my case.  I needed to confirm our sendmail could receive
before we changed the DNS entry.  Now if I can just figure out how to make
qpopper accept my password.  =/

I appreciate the continued discussion.  Thanks again!


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