MaD dUCK on Wed, 17 Jan 2001 14:47:32 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] ssh rsa authentication troubles

also sprach gabriel rosenkoetter (on Wed, 17 Jan 2001 12:51:23PM -0500):
> Presuming the sirius you mean is mine, Martin, it's actually running
> OpenSSH 2.1.1 too. (I know /usr/local/sbin/sshd still exists and is
>'s 1.2.27, but it's not the one that's run out of rc.local,
> and it'll get wiped when that machine is upgraded to NetBSD 1.5
> later this week... especially since 1.5 ships with NetBSD's port of
> OpenSSH 2.2.)

of course it's yours. that's why i called them sirius and uriel and
not A and B so you'd know. but yes, thanks for the pattern update...

> OpenSSH is pickier about syntax. (For instance, where's ssh
> will accept any white space in its /etc/ssh_config and ~/.ssh/config
> files, OpenSSH insists on tabs.)

now, ssh_config was just now converted to all tabs but with no effect.
uriel, sirius, localhost, and ceylon still ask for passwords...

> I have no problem connecting to any of those machines with RSA
> authentication, using either 1.2.2x or 2.1.1 clients.

well, good to know. what was that thingy about micro$oft support
center giving lightbulb support? "what do you mean your bulb doesn't
work? we have approximately the same model here and it works perfectly."

> What does your authorized_keys file look like? (It's safe to post
> that, don't worry... all we could do with it is let you into our
> computers.)

ooooh. is that why the files are called ? aha.
find it attached...

> Presuming you're using OpenSSH 2.1.1 locally, this config file
> simply won't work. All those spaces MUST be tabs. Btw, I strongly

done and doesn't work still.

> disagree with allowing X11 and Agent forwarding to *... default
> should be off, you should turn it on for specific, trusted hosts.

i know, and i did enable * simply to get this working. once it's
working, i'll kick the * setting. no worries, i am aware...

> I'm shocked that OpenSSH's sshd isn't bitching loudly about this.
> (Have you checked your logs?)

bitching loudly about what? the indentation of the files pasted into
my previous email was mine to make it easier for you to read. in the
actual files /^[ ^I]* finds nothing...

thanks for your time!

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