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Re: [SLE] Re: [PLUG] ssh rsa authentication troubles

by the way, i solved the problem.

SSH protocol 2 does not support RSA anymore, it's now using DSA.
however, OpenSSH 2.x.x can speak SSH1.x with clients that are SSH1.x,
and then it uses RSA. but whenever i was speaking to clients that are
capable of SSH2, OpenSSH would use SSH2 and therefore not know
anything about RSA keys.

now i have DSA keys for my hosts and once i updated OpenSSH to 2.3.0,
ssh-agent and ssh-add work as expected with RSA and DSA keys, although
a bit awkward.

does anyone know how to add both, RSA and DSA identities with only one
password query, considering that the passphrases for both keys are


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