Jason Staloff on Wed, 28 Mar 2001 00:20:16 -0500

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[PLUG] troubleshooting sluggish pine startup

A couple days ago, a funny thing happened on my RH7 box. Pine, my favorite MUA, takes forever to start up -- almost 30 seconds, measured at the console. Elm opens instantly. I run djbdns, apache, postfix, and POP/IMAP; everything seems to work fine but this. 

/var/log/messages, secure, and maillog don't capture anything relevant while pine starts up, and my pine ignores the -d switch that is mentioned in the man page (supposed to set the debugging level for output to .pine-debug). After restarting what subsystems I could think of, I rebooted the whole box but that didn't help either. 

Recently I set up a Mac OS X machine, whose NetInfo facility I think is based on NIS. The new MOSX box coincided with the start of this problem. Is it possible that Pine does some sort of NIS thing? Shutting down the MOSX machine does not help, though.

Everything else seems to be fine. Plenty of free RAM and HD space on all filesystems. Pine behaves the same even on a brand new account with nothing in the mail spool. I'm not sure what to look at next.


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