LeRoy Cressy on Sun, 1 Apr 2001 13:10:15 -0400

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[PLUG] NSA's Linux Patch

This morning I was reading http://freshmeat.net and noticed that the NSA
(no such agency) http://www.nsa.gov has released a patch for the new
linux 2.4.3 kernel along with security updates for a number of


This is  a security enhanced linux that from the small amount of
documentation that I have read allows root only to log in from specific
devices like /dev/tty1 and also enables Roll Based Access Control and
Type Enforcement.  Reading through the Security Policy Configuration
paper gets me excited about this development.

The site has overwhelming documentation just like any government
organization, but reading design goals that they are implementing seems
like a good thing to ponder.  Of course they are releasing everything
under the GNU license with source.

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