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Re: [PLUG] cheap boxes? really?

On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, gabriel rosenkoetter wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 02:50:07PM -0400, Bill Jonas wrote:
> Yeah, but lay the one I pointed out on its side on a couple of
> saw-horses and it IS a desk!

Yeah, but these things are such a waste... 8( I have an old (AT) full
tower case... and without the killer kickass motherboard to go in it, it
just seems soooo empty... where is that killer MB I want with 5 PCI slots,
4 EISA/VLB slots, 5 168pin dimm slots, 10 72 pin dimm slots, 4 IDE, SCSI..
not to mention the multiple cpu sockets..

> (I'm actually getting that case, or something similar at least, to
> be a firewall on my DSL and a component in my stereo system, so it
> needs to have lots of space for drives. And I've always wanted one
> of those server tower cases...)

One thing about this case/powersupply.. is it says "redundant cooling
power supply" -- in other words, it has redundant COOLING... I would bet
that this is not a redundant power supply.

Now that I think about it... 1u's are perfect for stereo components... 
most of them have nice design, good colors to match a slick stereo

So whats your intrusion detection system going to be like? Is it going to
suddenly start playing your mp3 collection or inserting random sounds into
your audio pathways while listening to barry manilow on your 8track? 8) 

Or better yet... get the following, and either fix or don't fix the
fridge part and customize yourself an overclocking box worthy of posting
on slashdot.

FREE: 12yr old non-working sub-zero keg fridge
From: "David Nappi" <>
24"x34". This will be thrown out this on Thursday April 5. This has
stopped working - cause unknown. It was used as a beer keg fridge, and the
original owner cut a hole thru the side wall for the tap lines.
You can have it if you come to pick it up. Located in West Berlin, NJ 
If interested email

It came with a picture that I posted on

(I got it off of one of the local usenet newsgroups.)
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