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Re: [PLUG] wine, quicken, installshield, and hair on the floor

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> Which version of Wine are you trying all this with ?
> I've found that the latest versions are a vast improvement (20010326 is
> the latest I've got), i.e. is now runs all the parts of Lotus Notes. (Now
> if I can get Primavera running on it will be totally bye bye M$)

I'll try it - last WINE version I tried was the 200102xx. Before that, it
was the 200012xx, and also 2 different CodeWeaver WINE previews.
> Back to the original question though, why use Quicken at  all, have you
> investigated Gnucash ?

GnuCash doesn't do online banking yet.

> For MS Office compatibility I've got StarOffice, Realplayer: Linux version
> (just make sure esd hasn't grabbed /dev/dsp), Photoshop = gimp.

The PhotoShop UI is MUCH better and easier to use than the Gimp. IMO, of
course. Altho I don't play around with PhotoShop these days as much as I
used to.

Any idea how well does StarOffice do with MS Access dbs? Especially ones
with macros/modules?

> If you really must have M$, then vmware may be your answer.

Win4Lin is much faster and cheaper, altho not as comprehensive as the full
VMWare. There is a VMWare Express, that only does Win9x, that's like 1/3 the

Also, there's still not a good, reliable Windows Media Player-equivalent for
Linux, to play all those .ASF only live streaming media sites.
And WINE choked on Windows Media Player 6.4, when I tried installing it. :-)

If you'll be back in Philly by July, Len Rosenthal and I will be giving a
talk at PLUG about our experiences using Windows programs under Linux.

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