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Re: [PLUG] I have an idea

On Tue, Apr 17, 2001 at 08:31:00AM -0700, wrote:
<stuff mental said>
> Actually, this sounds like a fantastic idea!

Glad you like it. There's all kind of potential. The real challenge is
coming up with a non-restrictive, yet structured standard. There's a bunch
of ldap related rfc's I still need to read that help with that.

> I've forwarded this to myself at work and I'll run it by some network people.  Since I'm a DBA, I see where this could also solve the problem of database access control as well.

Indeed. That thought never crossed my mind, but I'm sure you'd know better
than me. I'm not much of a DBA...

> I'll let you know.  Is it okay to contact you at your personal e-mail address for things which are better discussed off-line?

Certainly. This address, or my supersecret alterego superhero address is
fine. Its

God, I love saying that. 


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