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Re: [PLUG] I have an idea

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> On Wed, Apr 18, 2001 at 11:14:31AM -0400, Michael Leone wrote:
> > Well ... no, actually. The info above comes from interrogating the
> > workstation itself. Samba has more to do with file/print sharing, and
> > NETBIOS name resolution. The above object ID is sort of a combination
> > "ifconfig" and "uname", which is then stored in the directory. Samba
> > wouldn't really help you get any of this info. Might help storing it,
> > depending on where the database that you keep these entries lives.
> Samba, configured as a PDC stores machine accounts as well as user
> accounts.

Yes, but there's a bit more stored with this, than a PDC stores. Still, it's
a start ..

> > > There's a working prototype of roaming ssh-keys I have here... Other
> > > could follow. Other stuff like login scripts/profiles/MS stuff can be
> > > with samba. I dont see where it would be useful to have a roaming
> > > program if you log into a *nix box. :)
> >
> > No. But then, all you'd have to do would be to check the OS type on the
> > station you're logging onto, and push apps down accordingly (Excel,
> > StarOffice, etc). Altho "pushing apps down"  glosses MANY things over.
> >
> Assuming you're running X that is.

Well, it could be any app - maybe nmap or whatever. The thing with ZEN and
SMS is that it copies all files; changes all registry settings; etc, without
you having to go thru the "INSTALL" or "SETUP" routine, and choosing certain
organization-specific settings. It's a snapshot of an installed app. I
suppose you could do the same, altho that in itself is a major project.

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