Rupert Heesom on Fri, 20 Apr 2001 00:00:19 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] crontab entry not working

On 19 Apr 2001 11:40:18 -0400, Mental wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 09:21:55AM -0400, Rupert Heesom wrote:
> > Wow; thanks for the much needed lesson!!  Maybe I won't be asking any
> > more questions on this forum !!
> Why not? 
> If you just want an answer, thats fine. If you want to know how thats fine
> too. Would you rather be given a fish, or be taught to fish? 

I didn't mean my msg in any bad way (I wasn't being sarcastic).   I just
thought that in looking up the man pages properly I may be able to find
an answer rather than asking someone else.

Anyway, the man pages can't always answer one's questions, so I will be
back to the forums!
........ I DO like being taught how to fish !!!


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