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Re: [PLUG] secondary meetings

I am ALL about this idea... and not just because I
live 100 feet from Netaxs either... although making
the trip to the city is a serious pain. I really want
to go tonight but Im just not going to get out of work
 (wilmington) early enough. Im more than happy to help
facilitate Netaxs meetings since Im so close or
arrange pre/post meals in the Conshohocken area. Even
if we just staggard the regular meetings a little
might be easier on some folks. Just my $0.02. - JP

--- wrote:
> I still think having an extra meeting every month or
> two, at Netaxs
> (in Conshohocken), probably on Tuesday, is a good
> idea.  I now count
> myself among those who are more likely to attend a
> meeting at Netaxs
> than center city.
> I believe the last time we scheduled this, we
> scheduled it two months
> in advance.  All these things would suggest a
> meeting be planned at
> Netaxs for Tuesday, December 3rd.
> This depends on a few things:
> * Netaxs being willing to host the meeting (which I
> think is likely)
> * A Netaxs employee being willing to arrange it -
> which has been 
>   Michael C. Toren <>
> * Somebody giving a presentation - which could be a
> new volunteer, or one
>   of the existing volunteers could be resceduled.
> It has been suggested that secondary meetings at
> Netaxs be more technical,
> and less aimed at newcomers.  I think that's a
> wonderful idea.  
> -- 

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