Gerald D. Neale on Tue, 9 Oct 2001 20:00:14 +0200

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Re: [PLUG] John "MAD DOG" Hall in Philadelphia 10/10 (fwd)

> HTML would be the best format. PDF would be better
> considering that the viewer is free and
> widely available. (I believe there is a free Word
> document viewer, but where is it and how many
> people would actually bother with it?)
Personally I don't even bother reading .doc files. I
find them rude in their assumption, but I am a special
case as some know. However, if I were to want to read
a Word .doc document, there are such free programs as
Abiword that works fine (I've tested it) an so does
Star Office.
Paul does have a good point, however, when he brings
up embracing a Windows standards like .doc documents
in a Samba kind of way. Because in the same way that
the open source community embraced and extended a
WindowsNT server with Samba, we can embrace and extend
the Word .doc standard.

Personally, I'm more for extending than embracing when
it come to Windows though.

BTW- Windows converts: Check out Mandrake 8.1. It is
really slick. The new KDE looks like Windows to me.
The installer detected and configured all my hardware;
Zip, Printer, CDRW, NIC, everything! Looks clean.
Works fast and stable. I'm in the process of moving my
main desktop to it. 


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