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[PLUG] RE: Re: OT: Help with finding employment please?

==> > This is always the difficult part.  As an interviewer, you
==> have to understand
==> > that your candidate is under an extreme amount of stress, and
==> may not be able
==> > to call to mind everything that they would under more normal
==> circumstances.
==> This is usually if you _need_ the job. But for a well qualified worker,
==> there are always more jobs. I try to tell myself that I can do other
==> things. I haven't gotten into a computer job yet, and I don't know if I
==> ever will. I'd love it, but I have no official cred, yet, so
==> I'm trying to
==> volunteer to get experience.

Interviewing is difficult for both sides. In the RW some call it an art, we
may think of it as social engineering. I have a friend who is currently
looking for work as a graphic artist/designer as he characterizes the
interviewing process as FLIRTING. As such he enjoys it and has a specific
goal and challenge to relate to. Flirting because you have to make the
interviewer like you and feel they'd want to spend more time with you. I
like to think of work as an employer employee relationship where I give my
time and mad skillz and they give my money and some sort of security. There
is tons of advice on building interviewing skills, to me doing as many as
possible (without purposefully excessively wasting anyone's time) is one way
to gain experience with dealing with hard on the fly questions. [Doing mock
interviews with friends etc. is highly recommended, but always feels awkward
to me. This brings an idea to mind for maybe a PLUG meeting: maybe everyone
could come in in suits, and we could do psuedo-mock panel interviews. We
would learn more the skills and backgrounds of the other members, could
critique both interviewer and interviewee style and content, and importantly
provide a setting for people to fail without ill consequence.] The above
post re: stress is very true though, and thus interviewing while happily
employed allows one to immerse in the process of learning how to interview
while not being stressed about actually needing the job.

==> > Some interviewers enjoyed that aspect of it because it gave
==> them some sort
==> > of strange sense of power.  That always pissed me off.
==> However you have
==> Don't like this type for a boss anyhow.

<Peeves> Many interviews set up by recruiters tend to be practice anyway, as
they often don't bother to read your resume and don't actually have much of
a clue about the technology anyway, so they send a square peg to a round
hole position interview. The type of interviewers I dislike most are the
ones who relish asking a tech question, cutting your answer off, and then
explaining it to you - basically that annoying type of techy/consultant
<http://www.despair.com/consulting.html> who hordes his often lame knowledge
over you. </Peeves>

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