gabriel rosenkoetter on Thu, 18 Oct 2001 03:30:12 +0200

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Re: [PLUG] Ext3 or ReiserFS?

On Wed, Oct 17, 2001 at 05:17:19PM -0400, Bill Jonas wrote:
> Now, I've used ReiserFS to good effect in the past, and I'm familiar
> with it.  I've also heard good things about Ext3.  Does anyone have any
> personal preferences or anecdotes about one versus the other?

From what I've read, what you *really* want is XFS (as ported from
Irix, where it's a local file system, not to be confused with xFS,
which is Berkeley Glunix's distributed, networked file system, which
also rocks).

But, what do I know, I'm using Berkeley FFS (with softdeps) and LFS...


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