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[PLUG] Re: Mail setup questions

Maybe this will help. I just configured Pine to send mail. (It can't recieve yet.)

I just went into Setup/Config and changed two lines.
user-domain = paul@dpagin.net
smtp-server = smtp.rcn.com

Sounds good. That works for me!

If you use fetchmail, then you can try other mail readers with
less trouble.

Do you mean try something other than pine? Based on the above, Pine seems pretty simple. If other mail readers are simple, can you give their names, and maybe an example of how you get configure it (similiar to the Pine example above)...

My ~/.fetchmailrc file looks roughly like :
user lopp

poll pop.fuse.net proto POP3:
fetchall smtpaddress localhost
password <SNIP>;
poll mail.earthlink.net proto POP3:
fetchall smtpaddress localhost
password <SNIP>;

set daemon 300

I use the defaults section because my username on both
mailservers is lopp (lopp@fuse.net and lopp@earthlink.net)
Everything between "poll" and ";" relates to a given mailserver.
The syntax is "poll <mailserver name> proto <protocol used>:"
The protocol can be POP3, IMAP, AUTO or several others listed in
the man page, but this is determined by the server. Next,
"fetchall" means that it will get all mail on the server and
delete it from the server. The "smtpaddress localhost" means
that the fetched mail is forwarded to localhost, ie my local
MDA (sendmail in my case). The mail will now be directed to
greg@localhost, since I am running fetchmail as user "greg". The
value after "password" is removed for obvious reasons. The last
line means that the first time that I type "fetchmail", it will
launch into daemon mode, automatically checking for mail every
300 seconds. Typing "fetchmail" anytime thereafter will signal
fetchmail to check for email immediately. "fetchmail --quit"
would stop all this. "fetchmail --daemon 0" would override the
daemon mode thing and only check email once - usefull for
checking your configuration.

Ok, here is where I start to get lost. Is fetchmail something that is by default installed, say with my default RH7.1 workstation installation? If so, cool - if not, what is the best way to install it? Next, is that all that you have to do to configure fetchmail (I mean is editing the .fetchmailrc file to contain what you have above it)? How do I make fetchmail "run" all the time? I would want it to start checking for mail automatically everytime I boot up the computer... Final question (for now :-) - Once fetchmail retrieves my mail off my pop3 server, how does it know what email client I am going to use to read it with? I mean, can I use the above fetchmailrc file, and be able to use Pine, so that once I start Pine, my new email shows up there?

Sorry if these questions are very basic, I have just had so much trouble grasping this whole thing, and I finally feel like I am getting somewhere!

Thanks again,


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