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Re: [PLUG] Re: Mail setup questions

On Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 06:42:42PM +0000, wrote:
> Do you mean try something other than pine?  Based on the above, Pine seems 
> pretty simple.  If other mail readers are simple, can you give their names, 
> and maybe an example of how you get configure it (similiar to the Pine 
> example above)... 

Well, you should use whatever you feel comfortable with.  But having the
option to switch and not have to set other things up is good.

> Ok, here is where I start to get lost.  Is fetchmail something that is by 
> default installed, say with my default RH7.1 workstation installation?

I would imagine it is.  If it's not, just get it from
Perhaps you'd also want to grab
while you're at it.

> How do I make fetchmail "run" all the time?  I would want it to start
> checking for mail automatically everytime I boot up the computer...

Somebody else had a suggestion for a line to put in your boot scripts.

> Final question (for now 
> :-) - Once fetchmail retrieves my mail off my pop3 server, how does it know 
> what email client I am going to use to read it with?

It doesn't.  It simply passes it to your MTA (like sendmail or exim) or
your LDA (like procmail), which then puts it in $MAIL (which is
generally /var/spool/mail/username).  Applications know to check $MAIL
(try "echo $MAIL" to verify where it is on your system) for mail.

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