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RE: [PLUG] Possible Employement Opportunity

Title: RE: [PLUG] Possible Employement Opportunity

If you guys have any java experience I can submit your resume's to my former company in wayne. Im on real good terms with them and they recently booked some big work for J&J they need to staff. It's a good mid-sized consulting company with nice people. Web / Java folks are in demand there. Anyway shoot me an email if you're interested! Hope everything works out for you guys!!

JP Toto

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Subject: RE: [PLUG] Possible Employement Opportunity

Also, Try Catholic Health Initiatives.  There main headquarters are in
Aston, PA and Exton, PA.  I work at the Exton Office as a Systems Operator
and Help Desk Analys.  CHI are the owners and operators of the Various
hospitals (St. Agnes, Nazareth, St. Joe's Reading, St. Francis in Wilmington
and Trenton).  Occasionally they look for technical people.  I don't know
what your experience is but try these sites.  Just look on the web for
Catholic Health Initiatives and/or try the hospital sites seperately.

Good Luck!

Clinton Roane

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Subject: [PLUG] Possible Employement Opportunity

Hi All,

Sorry to hear about the layoffs.  I work for The Vanguard Group (very large
mutual fund / financial services company) in Malvern, PA.  They currently
have 1 posted position for a web interface designer, for which I will post
the details below.  Vanguard does ALOT of hiring based on employee
recommendations, and it is entirely possible that some positions could get
filled before they ever reach the employment web site
(  That being the case, if anyone is interested in
getting their resume in the door, email me directly and I would be happy to
submit it in person, and put the word out for you.  Obviously, we have been
impacted by the current market / world conditions, but Vanguard is a GREAT
company to work for, and they are sure to rebound stronger than ever!

Here is the web interface designer information - I hope this helps someone:

Primary Role Title:
Web Design

Work Location:
Valley Forge-PA


Our Online Services group is seeking an experienced interface designer who
can contribute strong analysis and design skills to a staff of Web design
specialists. The candidate must have an extensive background in user
interface design and related analysis. The position requires an ability to
understand business objectives and integrate them into highly usable and
effective designs.

Our User Interface Designer must be able to develop navigation diagrams and
to coordinate projects with other groups in I/T and elsewhere. He or she
must possess excellent communication skills to work effectively with
business staff, graphic designers, writers, editors, and developers, as well
as with usability engineers

The Designer must be able to recommend, coordinate, and communicate
functional page descriptions to ensure that designs achieve top business

Position Requirements:

A bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in computer engineering,
software engineering, or related technologies is required.
Five or more years of experience in information systems, software design,
and user interface design, with a focus on Web technologies. This must
include at least three years of design experience.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Financial experience is a plus.

The Vanguard Group offers a comprehensive and generous compensation package.
Among our benefits are medical and dental plans; tuition reimbursement; and
profit-sharing, 401(k), and pension plans. The Vanguard Group values
diversity; we are an equal opportunity employer. We are a drug-screening
employer, and we have a drug-free, smoke-free work environment. Minorities
and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

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