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RE: [PLUG] I just got laid off.

In regards to work, the academic scene is probably the best chance for work
and schooling at the same time.  By working for a University you get to go
to school free (except if its for a Masters then you pay the taxes).  Univ.
of Penn has a large Unix base and are always hiring for Systems and Tech

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What you might want to look at for ideas is academic institutions.  I'm in
Maine these days working for Bowdoin College Network Operations (as a
student, of course) and know firsthand the extravagant spending that goes
into this line of the budget (10 million here at Bowdoin, but we're an
outlier on the high end).  Certainly the job stability at an academic
institution is greater than that at private businesses, at least right now.
The small, relatively-rural collegeles must be looking for some qualified

Schools like mine include:

Middlebury (VT)
Williams (MA)
Amherst (MA)
Colby (ME)
Bates (ME)
Hamilton (NY)

Connecticut and suburban Boston are likely to be more competitive in terms
of the availability of employees, but Tufts, Wesleyan, Connecticut College,
and the slew of Boston schools might be other good places to look.

Of course, these are all in New England.  Check Swarthmore and Haverford
close to home, and other similar schools.

Good Luck,

On Mon, Oct 29, 2001 at 03:53:36PM -0500, wrote:
> The company I worked for just laid some more people off (including me),
> and I don't believe the rest have much longer.
> So I'm looking for a job, preferably Unix/Internet related.  My resume
> is
> I recognize that the computer industry is not doing so well, so jobs are
> less available, so I'm more open to moving out of state.  Maybe Vermont,
> I hear they have good gun laws there.
> I'm not shocked.  It's been no secret that the company has not been
> doing well.  About a month ago, though, I was told the company would be
> around for multiple years, at least.  But unlike for the collapse of IQ
> (my last employer), I didn't get out in time.
> I now also find myself very much in need of a cellphone.  I would really
> appreciate suggestions.
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