paul on Tue, 30 Oct 2001 00:20:22 +0100

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Re: [PLUG] I just got laid off.

> Bullshit.

Thanks. That actually make me feel better. Seriously.

> alternative was probably for the executive staff to take a pay cut,
> and we all know *that* can't happen.)

Of course not! 8-)

> I wouldn't react quite so strongly if I weren't looking for employment
> starting in January myself. (Since we're plugging resumes, mine's at
> Hearing that kind of talk
> is just depressing to yourself and to others looking for a job,
> especially for the people just laid off.

Sorry. I wasn't trying to depress anyone. In a way it was a compliment.
A read between the lines shows that I respect the qualifications that I
saw on the resumes. As far as my skills go, I'm never satisfied with
what I can do. Sometimes that comes across in a negative way.

> Go look at any headhunter site: there are *plenty* of contract-based
> jobs available, and some full-time jobs available, for people with
> Unix experience. Some of them want you to know Solaris or HPUX or
> Tru64 Unix. So go learn that. Even buying a personal license to one
> of these operating systems, though it is rather expensive, is not
> totally ridiculous, and it'll pay off. This is NOT as difficult a
> situation as you seem to want to make it.

There is a free version of Solaris. And there is a version of Solaris
that runs on Intel hardware.

I don't believe all of those head hunter or employment agency job ads
are real. Sometimes they might just want to collect resumes or do a
survey of what's available and how much money people want to make.

But I know there are jobs out there. And I believe that the market will
take off again with demand for Linux admins. (Although, Windows PCs have
always been the money makers for me.)

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