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Re: [PLUG] I just got laid off.

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On Monday 29 October 2001 05:49 pm, you wrote:
> But more importantly, a statement like that about your own job
> search is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you don't think you'll find
> a job, you won't.
I found this out too.  I just moved out here in June and bought a house.  I 
discovered on June 5th, (Five days after closing) that I had lost my job.

Talk about a kick in the pants.  Well basicly I sent an email to everyone I 
knew anywhere where the had a jobs page.  I got lucky and landed a contract 
that may lead to full time work.  But be aware I spent three months feeling 
really shitty when the bills came and my fiance (we had to put off getting 
engaged until i  got a job) had to pay the bills for me.  Yes, I got lucky, 
but I did not give up.  

There are still tech companies out there who need to sell products.  They are 
sill hiring, but they are not as reckless as they have been in the past.  So 
use who you know and what you know to get to the top of that stack. 

One more thing, the KDE project got me in a few doors, be sure to mention 
open source projects you are involved with.  Everybody in the tech industry 
knows about Linux apache and perl.  If you have contributed code to these 
projects that give them an "idea" of what you can do.  They think "Hey this 
guys works on a big project..."  

Yes the tech industry sucks right now, but it only sucks those who let it.

As a side note, employers are starting to do their new year hires, budgets 
usually start on the first, and these budgets usually include new hires.  
Take advantage of this and beat the college kids to the punch.

Good Luck, and keep at it.

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