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Re: [PLUG] Dual processor box using only one processor

Bradley Molnar wrote:

I'm not totally sure, but, I know that a friend of mine accidently installed
the smp kernel on his SuSE 7.1 box.  It took him a week to figure out why
the thing wouldn't boot.  Since this was a 2.4 kernel and presumably
'smarter' than a 2.2 kernel and the 2.4 wouldn't work with an SMP kernel on
a single processor system, I would think that this would not work for you
either.  The problem is, the kernel sort of hangs during startup waiting for
the second processor to respond (and since the second processor isn't there,
it waits forever).

It may work, but, in short, I don't think that it would

The help entry for the SMP kernel config option says that an SMP kernel will work on "many but not all" single processor motherboards.

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