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Re: [PLUG] log as root or not ?

On Mon, Jul 01, 2002 at 09:05:15AM -0400, Jesse P Schultz wrote:
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> christophe barbé wrote:
> | My question is : Is there a good reason to avoid log in as root
> | directly when using a secured channel ?
> Yes.
> Occassionally, we all get stupid.  Whe you are root, stupid can really
> screw up the system.  If you always log in as a normal user, then su to
> root, it helps you to not forget roots power.

You should reread the thread from the beginning and I should have be
more precise when reformulating my question by adding :

   "when doing root stuff."

Is it a myth that it is bad to log as root and instead better to log as
a normal user and then su to root, when using a secured channel (ssh)
when doing root stuff ?

It seems to me that the answer is yes. and gabriel give me some good
arguments and so far I have read no good argument for the oposite.


> Also, if you are interacting with the internet as root, via a browser or
> ~ email client, then a malicious site or email which you read or visit
> can  do damage as root.  The biggist advantage of Linux/unix when using
> the internet is the ability to safely do this as not root.
> Even if you only have one system which you use as a work station, when
> you transition to root, you put on your admin hat, you are not just a
> user, you are the great and terrible admin and must have respect for
> your own power.
> This, of course, applys to both local and remote.
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