gabriel rosenkoetter on Tue, 17 Sep 2002 11:43:07 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Bind - Question again

On Tue, Sep 17, 2002 at 10:44:50AM -0400, Doug Crompton wrote:
> PPP starts in run levels 2-5 with a respawned startup script in inittab.
> It does not seem to start until late in the boot process however. After
> most everything else is loaded. My default boot is run level 3. I init to
> 5 manually as needed. 

When you say "it does not seem to start", do you actually mean that
it doesn't *connect* until late in the boot process? init(8)
shouldn't (and probably doesn't) let pppd hang the boot process
while it dials and connects...

Doesn't pppd have an after-connect script of some sort? Couldn't you
have that run your down-and-up of BIND automatically?

Also, as someone else already suggested, if you're only running a
*caching* name server (rather than one that other people are
supposed to be able to query), then you only actually need to have
BIND listen on lo, and you should put nameserver as the
first nameserver line in your /etc/resolv.conf.

> I am not sure how to make the order change (as someone suggessted) given
> that this is run from inittab. This is not a big deal since I can make a
> work-around by stopping and starting named after the ppp connection is
> established. There has to ber a better way though. I would think that bind
> could listen on ports that come up after it is running and not have to be
> restarted. I kind of think it is a bind issue.

"Port" doesn't really have any meaning here. BIND is capable of
listening on "any IP address" (and probably does by default on your
system), but that's not going to fix your problem. PPP is weird in
that it adds an *interface* to your system after boot. That generates
a whole separate set of structures in your kernel's IP stack which
simply aren't there when BIND boots. There's no *way* for BIND to
know about interfaces that don't exist when it starts up.

gabriel rosenkoetter

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