gabriel rosenkoetter on Wed, 12 Mar 2003 11:33:07 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] PLUG searchable archives

On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 10:26:06AM -0500, W. Chris Shank wrote:
> Ok. Sorry - didn't mean to scare you. It just means that it can be changed
> in the presentation layer without modifying any logic or "getting your
> hands dirty" - so to speak. I increased (some) of the font sizes- let me
> know if it looks any better.

I know what it means. Using it's indicative of the design principles
behind something like that (form over content) with which I don't
and won't agree. Again, it's just personal opinion.

> I enjoy the discussions on the PLUG list, meetings with the members, and
> being a part of this community. PLUG is a valuable resource and I think
> that a web forum is a place where others can benefit from the wealth of
> knowledge well after the discussion has ended.
> The site is there for PLUG members to use or not.

And I do appreciate your taking the time and server usage for it!

Like I said, I think that the most useful portions are the parts
that it really doesn't make sense to have on the mailing list. Stuff
like FAQs, HowTos, that you just don't want to remail on a monthly
basis, but that you DO want community contribution to and that need
to be in a centralized, easily findable and searchable. That's where
this would shine. I maintain that the actually mailing list logs are
an orthogonal issue and better dealt with as we've been discussing.

I think, though, that if we're going to use it, it really ought to
be integrated somehow into the existing PLUG website, including
links from the main page and perhaps even a CNAME. Looks like Darxus
still owns the domain, but DNS is pointed both at
and at mct's DNS server. mct, is bigpapa slaving from you? How's
that set up?

gabriel rosenkoetter

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