Rebecca Ore on Thu, 3 Jul 2003 15:15:19 -0400

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On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 02:49:20PM -0400, Jeffrey J. Nonken
( wrote:

> Maybe I should stop trying and give up for real this time. I was on
> the verge of doing so before, but I understand the hardware is more
> reliable than PC, and I have problems with the PC architecture. (And
> where it's going.) Of course, one of the people who convinced me to
> hang on and keep trying is the same guy who eventually chased me out
> of the Sun Rescue list.

Cowboys, guns, big trucks -- that's the Sun Rescue list.  I brought one
person to it who may have ended up getting booted.  I'm still on good
enough terms with Bill Bradford.

(I'm in a Much Cheerier Mode since getting sendmail to authenticate to
outgoing verison and getting Mutt to stop trying to tell
outgoing.verizon that I was rebecca, not anyone they knew).

My advice as a Sparcitista is to concentrate on one of the boxes, put
NetBSD on it (which has these lovely flat configuration files and which
has sup with automagically package building upgrades instead of patching
source to get security fixes), or Sparc 9, and, like the man said, set
it up with X and do X forwarding.  I've xforwarded Netscape over a
dial-up connection once just to prove it can be done.

Basically, they're pretty bullet proof, but I think unless you like the
LX for cute form factors or can use it as a specialized server in a home
server farm, you're better off with something faster for a Sparc Toy.
My former LX ended up serving dns for someone who had something like 10
computers at his house.

Not that the LX doesn't have a cute form factor.

Learning Solaris is a good thing, too.  I just don't have a CD burner,
or I'd have the Sparc back in operation with that on it (one current
emerging problem is that both the hard drives in my Micron box are
reporting possible problems and I'm still out of work so can't afford to
actually spend money on much of anything, but I'm thinking that getting
my own Sparc back up just in case might be a good thing -- only I have
to find some kind of Windows box to talk to it.

> But I wonder if I'm cluttering my life with too much stuff at once. If
> I jettison the Sun hardware, it may simplify things.

I think everyone should have one classic Sun machine.

As far as better than Intel -- the hard drives in any of these are the
weakest link in my experience.  And those are the same for either
architecture, most of the time.

Rebecca Ore
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