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RE: [PLUG] ethernet hub "crash"

I have seen this once or twice with one of the 'quicksilver' style g4's that
my one prof had.  Everytime he would move the computer or reinstall/upgrade
the OS, the ethernet would stop working.  I fixed it once by just resetting
the pram on the machine (open apple + command + p + r at boot up, hold for
about 3-4 'dong' start up sounds) and then just being nice to the network
control panel.

Truth be told, I think it was the ethernet cable not getting a good
connection (I didn't have time to try the theory b/c the computer was stolen
over a break).  I have seen it before (even with the really nice new
expensive belkin cat 5e cables) where two cables from the same store bought
on the same day and one just won't connect right to my laptop and the other
works perfectly.

So, if there is something else on the switch, and the g4's connection goes
out, try to put that other device on the same cable (moving as little as
possible) and see if it gets a connection (laptops with link lights work
well for something like this).  Or, try a different cable and see what


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Subject: [PLUG] ethernet hub "crash"

My bf got a new PowerMac G4 running OS X. He plugged it in where his
old OS 9 iMac used to be. His ethernet connections keep dying,
repairable by power cycling the hub.

I tried moving him to a different port, and also switching his port
from auto to 100, but it doesn't solve the problem.

Any suggestions?

It might be that the hub is just starting to die, but the coincidence
is remarkable. Telling him it's his PowerMac would be hard, since (1)
the power cycling hub fixes the problem and (2) he's kind of excited
with the new toy.


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