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Re: [PLUG] Looking for a couple of cheap boxes

On Monday, July 7, 2003, at 11:17 AM, Stephen Gran wrote:

I am (not right now, but within the next couple of months) looking to
replace two x86 boxes that handle web and mail serving with something
else.  I am writing because the 'something else' has not particularly
been decided yet.  My requirements are:
basically noiseless (no case fans if possible)
small footprint (smaller the better)
low heat emission
low power consumption
(hopefully) low price

Sounds like something based on a Via EPIA motherboard. You can further reduce power consumption by using a laptop hard disk.

I noticed performance wasn't one of your top requirements. Keep in mind these are no Xeons. But they gently sip from the power supply and make no noise if you get one of the fanless models. They use the Mini-ITX form factor which keeps the footprint quite small.

speed may be more important than processor speed, although even that
isn't that important - on a busy day, the mail server might handle 2000
messages or so (OK, call it 4000, because of the doubling caused by

Which is next to nothing. Laptop hard disk will cost more and run slower but use less juice. Note that for awhile I was using a modern laptop HD for video editing so if it is fast enough for that, it is fast enough for a light duty server.

I have seen some things that piqued my interest, but
haven't actually worked with any of them in a production environment, so
I was looking for recommendations. I would like it if these boxes could
run linux - it would make the transition fairly seamless for me - but if
I have to switch to one of the *BSD's, that wouldn't be a big deal

These boxes are well supported by various free OS's including Linux and *BSD.


C. Magnus Hedemark
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