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Re: [PLUG] 7.9 G DVD-R's?

On 07/07, Stephen Gran wrote:
> with copying dvd's?  It looks like all my commercial ones are 7.9g, and
> the only dvd-r's I see for sale are 4.7g.  I guess what I'm looking for

That's no accident.

> is people's experience ripping them - I have tried `mkisofs --dvd-video`
> without a huge amount of success, dd with a little more - and then
> suggestions as to where to get hold of 7.9g dvd -r's.

I'm about where you are.  How are you extracting the data, dvdbackup ?
dvdbackup has an option to just extract the main feature.  I don't know if
that would actually result in a usable backup (or if it's likely to be
under 4.7gb).  I've seen windows software that will allow you to backup
1 commercial DVD to multiple DVD+Rs.  Need to read up on the filesystem
spec to see if I can figure out how to split it up manually under linux.

> Also, is the single/double sided issue?  Can this be managed by most dvd
> burners, or do you need a special one capable of burning to both sides?

Don't know, I'd guess you could just flip it over.

> Sorry for the totally newb questions, but a lot fo this stuff is fairly
> new to me.  Just when I had the vcd thing all figured out, somebody went

This doesn't seem to be a subject many people have a lot of knowledge on.

http://dvd.chevelless230.com/dvdbackup.html - extracting video DVD data
using dvdbackup

http://dvd.chevelless230.com/index.html - how to burn data extracted with

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