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Re: [PLUG] Tech jobs and politics, and IT diploma mills

Let's watch ourselves about the money made by teachers.  Let's look at
what they do for their money and summers off:

- How many fights per day are broken up by the average IT worker?
- Stand in front of a group of your coworkers and be interesting for 7 out
of your 8 hour work shift.
- Cut your lunch hour down to 40 minutes max (most of the time it's a half
hour) - now take about half of those lunch hours and spend it photocopying
- Take approximately 1/4th of your salary and spend it on the materials
you need to do your job.  What? You mean your company gives you what you
need to do it?  Lucky you.
- When one of your coworkers gets pissed off at you, have them bring their
mother/father/grandmother in to argue their case for them.  In teaching,
their is federal legislation enacted (in some cases) that forces you to
bend to their whim.
- After you go home, you get to grade your co-workers work until 9 or

And this was at private school.  If you teach in the inner city,

- Budget for your car getting broken into ~ 3 times per year.
- Get your weapon disarming skills in order (I took an ice pick and a
starter pistol (thank God that was a false alarm) off of 2nd graders).
- Don't depend on heat or air conditioning.
- Plan on the photocopier not working from April to June (budget
restrictions prohibit more than X # of service calls).

If you are willing to put up with that at your job until you retire, then
you can piss and moan over what teachers are paid.

--- Magnus <> wrote:
> On Monday, July 7, 2003, at 12:09 PM, Jeffrey J. Nonken wrote:
> > We also pay them mediocre salaries and don't work to keep the good 
> > teachers and exclude the bad ones.
> About twelve years ago Penn Delco School District published the salary 
> of each teach, by name, in the district.  Maybe Penn Delco is an 
> unusual school district, I don't know, but these teachers were making 
> on average about $60,000 per year with more vacation time than you or I 
> will ever see.  My wife's calculus teacher was near the top somewhere 
> around $75,000.  Hardly mediocre.  If you take their annual salaries 
> and work them out to hourly dollar figures, these teachers were making 
> more than most IT people below management level.
> Keep in mind the age of that report.  12 years later, you gotta wonder 
> what they are making now.
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