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Re: [PLUG] Tech jobs and politics, and IT diploma mills

On Monday, July 7, 2003, at 12:09 PM, Jeffrey J. Nonken wrote:

We also pay them mediocre salaries and don't work to keep the good teachers and exclude the bad ones.

About twelve years ago Penn Delco School District published the salary of each teach, by name, in the district. Maybe Penn Delco is an unusual school district, I don't know, but these teachers were making on average about $60,000 per year with more vacation time than you or I will ever see. My wife's calculus teacher was near the top somewhere around $75,000. Hardly mediocre. If you take their annual salaries and work them out to hourly dollar figures, these teachers were making more than most IT people below management level.

Keep in mind the age of that report. 12 years later, you gotta wonder what they are making now.


C. Magnus Hedemark
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