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Re: [PLUG] pre-reboot scripted message?

On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 11:01:47AM -0400, wrote:
> That was my thought too - that or a hall effect sensor embedded in
> the case?

Heh. Hall Effect sensors are for distributor caps.

There's really no reason to be that complicated in a laptop (or to
add to one something that's going to generate electro-magnetic
fields--which things like hard drives tend not to like too much
when they come in the foreign and perpendicular variety--and then
measure voltage based on them), though I guess you could, as long
as everything was shielded properly.

Typically lid-latches are just micro-switches, though Zake's problem
could easily have been that the switch is in the hinge assembly
rather than in the latch assembly. (My Thinkpads, for instance, go
into sleep mode about an inch and a half from closed; clearly,
there's something in the hinge doing this work, not in the latch.)

I agree that the real solution to his problem is to just diddle the
switch (or maybe flip some APM bit in the laptop's BIOS that makes
it ignore the state of the lid?), but laptop hardware is notoriously
flaky and laptop BIOSes even more so. If hanging to display an "open
me!" message on reboot is acceptable for his application, I'm not
going to argue.

gabriel rosenkoetter

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