Will Dyson on Wed, 9 Jul 2003 18:44:09 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] weird devfs issues

On Wed, 2003-07-09 at 03:41, Martin DiViaio wrote:

> The first issue is at boot. It appears that devfsd is mounting my swap 
> partition before the rc script. This gets me a "device or resource busy" 
> error when the rc script says it't enabling swap space. However, swapon -s 
> shows the swap partition mounted to the correct devfs mount point.

Devfsd should not be activating swap or anything like that. Take a look
at the scripts in your /etc/rcS.d/. Perhaps redhat's script for devfsd
does something funky?

However, I'm more inclined to suspect a problem where the script that
activates swap is being called before devfsd is running (or before it
has had time to make the compatiblity symlinks in /dev). In that
scenario, the problem would be that it is trying to access the swap
partition device through a name that does not yet exist in /dev.

In your fstab, what device name to you give for your swap partition?

What order do the init scripts run in? In debian, the devfsd script is
the very first thing that runs, and a number of other scripts get to run
before it tries to mount swap.

> The second issue is at shutdown/reboot. I'm getting two errors when the 
> system tries to unmount devfs. The first error is "devfs not found" and 
> the second is "/dev illegal seek". I'm guessing this may be because / is 
> all ready unmounted and the kernel can't find the mount points anymore.

I would think it is smart enough to unmount / last. But I know there are
problems with unmounting devfs. Debian recently (in the last month or
so) changed thier shutdown scripts so that it does not try to do that.
However, if the shutdown procedes normally after those errors, I'd be
inclined to just ignore them.

Will Dyson
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