Mitch Maltenfort on Wed, 9 Jul 2003 22:13:05 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Community Service Project

OK, I'm interested.  A weekend loading up computers for a good cause
sounds like a good weekend.

My only concern is whether this installfest will be held somewhere I can
get to sans auto.

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003, Jon Nelson wrote:

> Fellow geeks,
> I need some volenteers to help me with a community service project.  To
> put a Linux computer in the home of every kid in a Chester elementry
> school, which is 450 students.  If this works, I will try to do other
> schools as well.
> Here is the basic plan:
> There is a local non-profit that recycles computers
> ( and sells them at low cost ($50-$150) to
> economically challenged families.  They currently have 2000 computers
> available.  I also have a friend that is a grade school teacher in Chester
> City who's students come from economically challenged families. I would
> like to get the computers to the school/children at no cost, but running
> Linux of course.  The computers are currently sold with win98. Putting
> Linux on the boxes would give the kids and their families a better leg up
> and not have to worry about being strapped with an antiquated, substandard
> OS.  I am currently working on corporate sponsors to pay for the computers
> and Linux distros to provide the OS (and maybe some funds too).
> This is where PLUG comes in...I was hoping to recruit as many people as
> possible to install Linux on all the boxes.  I'm hoping the majority will
> have the same hardware, which would make this decidedly less difficult.
> As far as time frame, I don't have one.  I'm just trying to gauge the
> level of cooperation I can muster.
> Ideas and suggestions are welcome!
> TIA,
> Jon
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